CPR and AED Awareness Day

Come out and visit the RyeSERT team and learn the basics of CPR and defibrillation. Our trained responders will be able to demonstrate how to properly preform chest compressions on a person who is not breathing. We will also explain why we use AED’s in conjuction with CPR and why it is an effective resuscitation technique. You will even be able to practice on some of our CPR test dummies.



St. Michael’s Hospital – ED & Trauma Care

The Emergency Department and Trauma Program at St. Michael’s have joined forces to create a very exciting interprofessional learning event. Attending this conference will broaden your understanding of Emergency and Trauma care, and help you to improve patient management across various care settings and disciplines. New members will be required to pay a fee. Returning members will be able to attend the conference for free.


Association of Campus Emergency Response Teams (ACERT) – Mixer

The Mixer conference is intended to be a time for Campus Emergency Response Teams to meet and exchange ideas about their respective teams. It is both highly educational and gives practical hands-on experience for all participants. It is an event where Emergency Responders can learn about the different aspects of medical situations in an informative yet fun setting while working closely with individuals from other teams.