RyeSERT is currently looking for enthusiastic and dependable individuals to contribute to our goal of providing the highest possible quality of prehospital emergency care to the Ryerson community. All members who are full time students at Ryerson or are apart of the Ryerson Students’ Union are eligible to join the team. There are currently two different positions available on the team.


First, as we are a student group, any RSU member is able to join RyeSERT and become an “Inactive Responder” member. Becoming an “Inactive Responder”member of the team allows the individual to participate in general meetings, trainings, vote during elections and run for the executive position of Administrative Officer.

The second position available is an “Active Responder” member of RyeSERT. “Active Responder” members are able to be on-call in residences and at events and respond to medical emergencies. To become an “Active Responder” member requires the individual to go through our 6 stage recruitment process.

1) Written application package must be filled out in full and submitted in-person.
2) The candidate must complete a Standard First Aid & CPR Level C or equivalent and/or higher course(s) conducted by RyeSERT or another certified organization.
3) Candidates will then be required to show proof of Standard First Aid & CPR Level C or HCP certification.
4) All applications will be reviewed and select applicants will be asked to participate in the On-call training program.
5) Candidates must complete the RyeSERT On-Call Course and provide a copy of their certificate.
6) Candidates successful in the above stages will be granted “Active Responder” status with the final approval of the executives.

For more information about joining RyeSERT please attend one of our information sessions or contact [email protected].